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For more than 40 years, Bannockburn’s green space has been a community hub. The two acres of parkland located north of Lawrence Avenue and west of Avenue Road is part of a larger five acre property owned by the TDSB. However, the school onsite has not been operated by the TDSB (or its predecessor, the North York Board of Education) for more than 30 years, and will not be affected by the severance.

“Save Bannockburn’s Green Space” is a group of concerned neighbours and users of the green space. It is independent of Bannockburn School.

  • If elected I will establish ongoing consultation between the city and the TDSB leading up to the OMB hearing, with the intention of having a made-in-Toronto solution, rather than leaving the matter in the arbitrary hands of the OMB. Terry Mills, Candidate for City Council, Ward 16
  • Saving our parks and green spaces is of paramount importance in our Ward and throughout Toronto. We must advocate not only to save Bannockburn but also to save all Toronto District School Board lands. The City and the Province need to be more proactive in collaborating to preserve our green spaces. Dyanoosh Youssefi, Candidate for City Council, Ward 16 & Neighbourhood Resident
  • The TDSB should not be wasting taxpayers’ money by fighting residents on a decision already made by the committee of adjustment. It goes without saying that I will stand with residents to save Bannockburn at the OMB. Steven Levitan, Candidate for City Council, Ward 16
  • Losing Bannockburn would be a huge blow to our community. It’s imperative we do everything possible to save our community assets, like our playing fields, in order to ensure our kids have a place to play now and in the future. Great communities have great green spaces, and it would be a shame to lose Bannockburn Park. If elected, I will continue to fight to save Bannockburn and to stop the TDSB from severing and selling their green spaces. Elana Metter, Candidate for City Council, Ward 16
  • The TDSB is failing in its role as guardians of properties that are valuable community assets. What is surplus to the TDSB is a rare commodity to the residents of Ward 16. This wholesale selloff of “surplus” land is a temporary solution and fails to address the underlying issues. I will work vigorously to save the park so that current and future generations can have a place to play in our community. Bannockburn Park needs to be saved! Bob Williams, Candidate for City Council, Ward 16
  • We should all do what we can to save this precious green space. Once it is built over it will be gone forever. Ronald Singer, Candidate for TDSB, Ward 8
  • Selling off a public asset is short sighted and not a solution for short term cash flow gain. Charm Darby, Candidate for City Council, Ward 16 & Neighbourhood Resident
  • Nothing is impossible when good people are united. However it takes more than words, it takes action. The hard work of your neighbours at opened a beautiful way for action. Follow their lead! Thomas Gallezot, Candidate for City Council, Ward 16
  • As longtime residents of the neighbourhood, Bannockburn park and green space means so much to my family and myself. I am not overstating it in the least when I say it is a travesty that you are made to raise and then spend the money to go to the OMB. The OMB is a quasi-judicial, un-elected and un-accountable provincial body. The tribunal’s powers to overrule decisions made by our elected municipal representatives are anti-democratic! First lets win the fight to save Bannockburn Park and then go on to rid Toronto of the OMB. Gary Heaney, Candidate for City Council, Ward 16 & Neighbourhood Resident
  • The Bannockburn group has rallied this community and shown vision for the future. Any council/trustee candidate would be honoured to stand beside them, as they take on the Municipal Board, for one last fight. Michael Coll, Candidate for City Council, Ward 16
  • Bannockburn is a prime example of what can happen when a school property opens to the community. If the TDSB wants to fully commit to the notion that schools are becoming the hubs of their community, then Bannockburn park must be preserved and used as a model. If elected, I will work my hardest and advocate on your behalf to the other Trustees that this space not only needs to stay green, but also open to the community. Jennifer Arp, Candidate for TDSB, Ward 8
  • Great communities include green spaces. Our neighbourhood is so fortunate to have Bannockburn Park – a beautiful green space that is a meeting place and recreational area cherished by residents for over 100 years. Together, we must do all we can to protect Bannockburn Park and other green spaces in Toronto to ensure that they remain places to gather, play, and celebrate for generations to come. Christin Carmichael Greb, Candidate for City Council, Ward 16 & Neighbourhood Resident
  • The green space at Bannockburn School anchors its community. Now, the TDSB – an institution entrusted with protecting the interests of our children – seeks to sell this land to developers. I hope the OMB upholds the Committee of Adjustment, and decides in favour of our community and a city that wants to preserve this and other publicly-owned green spaces which, once lost, can never be replaced. Jean-Pierre (J.-P.) Boutros, Candidate for City Council, Ward 16 & Neighbourhood Resident
  • Bannockburn Park is extremely important to me, and to our community. It is where I learned to play T-ball. It is where I want my kids to learn to play T-ball. You have my unwavering support; not just to preserve the park, but to improve it. Adam Tamel, Candidate for City Council, Ward 16 & Neighbourhood Resident
  • The Bannockburn field is a rare patch of green space in our community, used both formally and casually for children’s recreational play, through community led organizations like Armour Heights Baseball League. Where else could we host 6 T-Ball games at the same time? Losing this field would devastate our community. It has become a critical hub for neighbours to connect and engage with their families. Alyssa Berenstein, Armour Heights Baseball League Convener & Neighbourhood Resident
  • The TDSB decided to sever and sell Bannockburn’s green space without consulting the community. Defying the odds, the community won at the Committee of Adjustment. The TDSB should be working with the City to preserve this park, not fighting the community at the OMB. Mike Colle, MPP, Eglinton-Lawrence
  • As a T-ball coach, I want to help kids have fun while learning there are rules of the game that need to be followed. It’s frustrating knowing the TDSB had great rules to govern pre-severance public consultation that the Board completely ignored. Kevin Ackhurst, Neighbourhood Parent & Coach, Armour Heights Baseball League


Below are key documents relating to the proposed severance and sale of Bannockburn's green space.

Bannockburn School Site Community Consultation December 3rd, 2015

December 3, 2015

Daryl Sage, CEO, Toronto Lands Corporation
Jennifer Arp, TDSB Trustee Ward 8 Eglinton Lawrence

TDSB Bannockburn Community Meeting December 3, 2015

November 24, 2015

The Trustee for Eglinton-Lawrence, Jennifer Arp, along with Toronto Lands Corporation, CEO, Daryl Sage and TDSB staff, invite you to a community consultation meeting. The meeting will review the background of the Bannockburn site severance, while at the same time; provide the community an opportunity to share thoughts and ideas on proposing alternatives to the Bannockburn severance that will still meet the capital needs of the TDSB.

Ledbury Park E & MS is located at 95 Falkirk Street, which is north of Lawrence Avenue West and east of Bathurst Street.

Please join us on
Thursday, December 3, 2015
7:00 pm to 8:00 pm
at Ledbury Park E & MS (Cafeteria)

Press Release – Community prepares to defend green space before the OMB

November 12, 2014

TDSB’s appeal of Committee of Adjustment ruling to be heard tomorrow.

City Council Resolution MM 41.38 Expressing the City’s Interest in Bannockburn’s Green Space

November 14, 2013

Additional information about the motion is available here.

TDSB Consultation Policy for Dealing with Green Space

December 12, 2012

Discussion of consultation policy begins on p. 7.

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